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The unemployment benefit

As a member in Transports a-kassa you can receive financial unemployment benefit during periods when you are unemployed.

The benefit takes the place of part of the income you would have received if you had been working.

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As a member, you can get up to SEK 910 per day. Without a membership, you get a maximum of SEK 365 per day during unemployment.

It only costs 130 SEK per month.

If you are a member of both Transports a-kassa and the Transport Workers' Union, you are also covered by an income insurance, which entitles you to up to 80% of the income you had before the unemployment. Learn more about income insurance on the Transport Workers' Union website


How to apply for unemployment benefit

For us to be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please read and follow all the steps in the guide.

To apply for financial unemployment benefit, you will need to log in to Mina sidor.

You need an electronic ID to log in. If you do not have one, plaese contact us.

Register at Arbetsförmedlingen the first day

In order to receive unemployment benefit you have to be registered at Arbetsförmedlingen (Job centre). The benefit covers all days from that you have registered at the Arbetsförmedlingen, so register as soon as you can. Register here

Fill in the form Ansökan om ersättning (Application for benefit)

In order for us to start processing your request for benefit, you have to fill in the form Ansökan om ersättning. Log on to Mina sidor and fill in the form there.

Submit a Tidrapport (Timecard)

The next step is to fill in a Tidrapport and submit it. Log on to Mina sidor, fill in the tidrapport.

Ask your employer to go to and fill in the form arbetsgivarintyg for you.

We need a certificate of employment for the last 12 months preceding your unemployment.

If you have been sick or on parental leave, for a whole- or the major part of a month, we may need certificate for time further back than 12 months.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you have had more than one employer during the period, you need to submit certificates from all of them.

In some cases, you have to complement the information required in the form Arbetsgivarintyg. Complements are made in the form Komplettering till arbetsgivarintyg.

Download the form Komplettering till arbetsgivarintyg

If you have resigned on your own request, please use the form Egen begäran to inform us of the reason.

Download the form Egen begäran

You have to submit an Arbetsgivarintyg (certificate of employment) for a longer period than the last 12 months if:
•    you have been on sick leave or on parental leave for a whole month or the most of a month.
•    you have finished full time studies during the last year.

Did your employer go out of business?

Send us a copy of Lönegarantibeslutet (a certificate the bankruptcy trustee fills in and sends to Länstyrelsen, who pays out the pay dept.)

Have you had an additional income?

If you have had extra income it might be classified as a sideline. For example if you have had an additional employment or have been self-employed.

If you have had an employment, please fill in and submit the form Arbetsgivarintyg.

Download the form Arbetsgivarintyg

If you have been self-employed, please use the form Arbetsgivarintyg för företagare.

Download the form Arbetsintyg för företagare

Have you been working extra part time, as firefighter, please fill in the form Deltidsbrandman.

Download the form Deltidsbrandman

Are you self-employed?

If you are self-employed you need to fill in the forms Arbetsintyg för företagare and Fullmakt till skatteverket.

Download the form Arbetsintyg för företagare

Download the form Fullmakt till skatteverket

Please contact us for further information contact us

Have you been studying?

Normally, you are not entitled to unemployment benefit while you are studying. To qualify for unemployment benefit, you must have completed your studies, or terminated them with no intention to resume them.

Log on to Mina sidor and fill in a Studieintyg.

Or download the form Studieintyg

Please note that:
Completed studies are attested with a diploma.
Terminated studies are evidenced by a certificate from the school.

Benefit after studies

When deciding on your right to unemployment benefit, the time you spent on full time studies may be disregarded, if you completed the studies after your 25th birthday. In that case, we can calculate the benefit based on the work you did before the studies, or if you can continue on your previous benefit period.

If you finished the studies before your 25th birthday, you must have been working full time for a continuous period of five months preceding the studies, in order for us to disregard the time spent on the studies.

Do you have a political assignment?

If you have a political assignment, it may qualify as an employment.

Please contact us for more information.

Have you applied for any form of retirement?

Send us a copy of the decision on retirement.

Have you received severance pay from your employer?

Send us a copy of the agreement on severance pay.

Remember to register at Arbetsförmedlingen even if you receive severance pay.

Have you been working abroad?

Please contact our EU/EES case workers.

When we have received all documents required from you, we will send you a decision regarding your unemployment benefit.

The payment is carried out by Swedbank.
If you have an account at Swedbank your payment goes directly into your account.
If you use another bank, you will receive a payment note, which you can cash at the nearest Swedbank office. The bank will charge a fee. In order to avoid the fee, you can request a transfer to your bank at

If everything else is in order and you submit your timecard on a Monday, you will receive the payment the Thursday the same week.

If you have received unemployment benefit earlier, but have had an intermission for employment, sick leave, parental leave or studies, you might be entitled to use the remaining days of the previous period.

If the intermission was less than 12 moths

You can continue on your pervious period and no waiting days will be required.

If the intermission was longer than 12 months

You have to start a new period.

If the intermission was due to sick leave, parental leave or full time-studies
If you during the intermission, were on sick leave or parental leave for more than 50% of the time, or if you completed full time studies, you might disregard that time. In that case you may be entitled to use days from your previous period, even if the intermission has been longer than 12 months.
The disregarded time must be less than 5 years.
Please contact us for more information.

After an intermission, what certificates do you have to submit to a-kassan?
If you have been working, you need to submit an original of an Arbetsgivarintyg (work certificate).

If you have been studying, you need to submit the form Intyg om studier

If you have had time off without benefit, you must submit a signed certificate stating between what dates and what you have been doing during the time.

If you have been on parental leave or on sick leave, and have received benefit from Försäkringskassan, you do not have to submit any certificate.

If you have participated in a labor market program, you do not have to submit any certificate.

If you have been in custody, you must submit a certificate from Kriminalvården.